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Welcome readers !
Thank you for visiting 'Inside the child' and hope that your time spend reading my blog is educational. It includes my thoughts and approach to a child, based on the Montessori educational philosophy that emphasize on independence, freedom within limits and learning concepts of working with materials hands-on, rather than by direct instructions.

My favorite quote by Dr. Maria Montessori “There is in every child a painstaking teacher, so skillful that he obtains identical results in all children in all parts of the world. The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!”
As a Children's House Montessori teacher, it is my pleasure to share my experience with children of ages 2 1/2 - 7 yrs old, and how small little things makes a big difference. Enjoy reading. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Children watch us

Children watch us every single time !!! It comes naturally to them. It's their brain telling them "hey, I can do what she is doing !" It is the way neurons work in their brain from their day of conception. This wide net is forming and developing. And that is why children are so curious to know everything around their environment. Their mind is like a sponge that absorbs everything just by their presence. Isn't this amazing !

I was amazed to observe this while showing a child a lesson in our Sensorial area (will get there soon). It was not that I was expecting him to do this activity right for the first time. But, I was amazed how well the child mimicked me during arranging the cubes from L-R and top-bottom. That was a great job for a 4 year old to arrange the cubes so well, I thought ! Well, after few days he was having fun while doing 'Binomial cube' again and again. Aha ! such a beautiful sight to see a child normalized. I am using some terms which may be hard for you all to understand but keep reading on, I will explain them all.

On that note, here is an activity that I had suggested parents from ages 2-6 years old.

Activity 2 - Folding socks.

Children love their socks. They'll force you to buy most cartoonish socks sold around. The displayed picture is from my classroom. But you can just simply ask them to stay around you during laundry and they will help you fold their socks at least, and then may be everyone's ! This is a 2 step activity as simple as shown in the picture. Older children can manipulate a little more than younger one's. Here, the child learns that a sock folds in two ways - downwards or upwards. A simple equation to understand. Enjoy !


radhika said...

Lovely article...in my presentation about Time Life learning tools, we talk and explain the same things to parents about neuron connections and how childen start learning before they take their first drag of air independent of their mother.

divya said...

Thanks radhi. I know, it's amazing how a child grows on it's own. I saw Time Life learning tools and they are nice. Let me know if you need any help from my end.