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Welcome readers !
Thank you for visiting 'Inside the child' and hope that your time spend reading my blog is educational. It includes my thoughts and approach to a child, based on the Montessori educational philosophy that emphasize on independence, freedom within limits and learning concepts of working with materials hands-on, rather than by direct instructions.

My favorite quote by Dr. Maria Montessori “There is in every child a painstaking teacher, so skillful that he obtains identical results in all children in all parts of the world. The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!”
As a Children's House Montessori teacher, it is my pleasure to share my experience with children of ages 2 1/2 - 7 yrs old, and how small little things makes a big difference. Enjoy reading. Thank you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In my last blog, I talked about listening and how we can help a little mind to focus and concentrate. Focusing and concentrating are the terms too subjective to explain in few words. There are various methods and activities by which we can develop these skills in a child. Wonder, if you noticed when I was talking about, how I share my day activities with the child, followed by his. It's one way how we all communicate. The key word here is communication. In other words, sharing. These are few of my favorite terms - share, care, communicate, growth, build, knowledge. Every word has such a deep meaning to it and life just goes on, we will never end explaining the meaning of such words.

To begin with, lets first talk about sharing/communicating. I'll go with sharing. We share and care ! A child is still like a gentle flower that is still budding and with time it'll blossom. Sharing helps him to give his mind some knowledge. Like the way his skull is growing, his veins are forming the wide web around the brain, along is flowing the knowledge he is getting from his environment. The child is listening, is concentrating, something is happening there, the knowledge is creating a stimulus and the reaction is soon to come. Your gentle and informative words are creating a space in his mind to know more and more. He begins to focus on your lips, the way you are talking, concentrating to absorb all the information. And, there his soft gentle words comes in the form of questions filled with curiosity. Your child may be mimicking you. That's how they learn, grow and socialize. It's the beginning of building a relationship.

I always try to keep sharing as a part of my daily schedule, either at home or work. I am sure you must be doing the same with your friends and family. I emphasize a little more with children. For me, it's very important to share with children. That's how I know them, and vice-verse, we create a connection. There should be a connection to help, guide and direct them. Even if I have to make it as an activity. In Montessori curriculum we do have a sharing stone activity which some schools do it either once a week or everyday, in the circle time.

Children love to share things, for example, they would tell about the dinner with their parents somewhere, mom will take them to the grocery store, their weekend plans, they'll go for a haircut, they'll have an ice-cream and lots more. It's a circle time and everyone loves to listen to every child patiently, either 2 1/2 years old or a 6 years old. Everyone is focusing and concentrating. It's a great activity. Try doing this at home. Keep sometime aside where you and your child is just simply sharing. Remember, at this time we are not guiding or helping. Yes, if we need to set some values during the conversation, it has to be shared and expressed and not expected from a child who may be still wondering what you really mean by the word 'should ' !

We also have a Show and Tell day once a week, also, a part of a Montessori Language curriculum. On this day, children are allowed to share something from the home. One day, one student shared his newborn little sister with us in the classroom. Goodness, what a beautiful sight that was :) Oh ! one student got her 2 cute little puppies (Beagles) to show to her friends ! They get anything and everything to share with friends. Aren't children the most beautiful :) They are !

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