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Welcome readers !
Thank you for visiting 'Inside the child' and hope that your time spend reading my blog is educational. It includes my thoughts and approach to a child, based on the Montessori educational philosophy that emphasize on independence, freedom within limits and learning concepts of working with materials hands-on, rather than by direct instructions.

My favorite quote by Dr. Maria Montessori “There is in every child a painstaking teacher, so skillful that he obtains identical results in all children in all parts of the world. The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!”
As a Children's House Montessori teacher, it is my pleasure to share my experience with children of ages 2 1/2 - 7 yrs old, and how small little things makes a big difference. Enjoy reading. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enrichment of Vocabulary

Letter to picture. Activity shown in NEMTEC.
This activity assists us in getting to know the child, his/er vocabulary, thoughts and if the child remembers his/er phonetic sounds. We will show each picture to the child and  have a conversation about what a child thinks of the picture, if she remembers seeing it somewhere and so on.
Here, we have pictures of different animals but you can choose your kind of theme, it can be objects in the house, birds, picture of the nature or random pictures, whatever you can find. Make sure you have pictures for each letter from a-z. We have added wooden cloth pins to each letter.

For example - We take a picture of a tiger. We ask a child, "What is this?"; "Have you seen it somewhere?"; "What does this animal eat?"; "Do you see the black stripes on his body?" Most of the time a child may know about a tiger. If a child is new to an object then introduce it by giving examples from daily life or related to the object. Then, you try to connect the letter to the picture and say, "This is t t t tiger. Lets pick a cloth pin for this picture ! See every cloth pin has a letter on it. Which letter does the tiger begins with ?" Let the child find the cloth pin for the picture. Child pins the cloth pin. Use the same process with other letters. Try to keep the order of letters based on the concrete to abstract thinking or say easy to hard, for example -

a, m, t, s, c
e, n, j, p, v,
i, f, w , l, k
o, h, d 
u, g, b, r, q
x, y, z

Children of all the ages love to do this activity. 


My First Skool said...

A really good learning curve and progression steps. Slow and steady wins the race.

insidethechild said...

Thank you My First Skool :)