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Welcome readers !
Thank you for visiting 'Inside the child' and hope that your time spend reading my blog is educational. It includes my thoughts and approach to a child, based on the Montessori educational philosophy that emphasize on independence, freedom within limits and learning concepts of working with materials hands-on, rather than by direct instructions.

My favorite quote by Dr. Maria Montessori “There is in every child a painstaking teacher, so skillful that he obtains identical results in all children in all parts of the world. The only language men ever speak perfectly is the one they learn in babyhood, when no one can teach them anything!”
As a Children's House Montessori teacher, it is my pleasure to share my experience with children of ages 2 1/2 - 7 yrs old, and how small little things makes a big difference. Enjoy reading. Thank you.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Start early

I should mention this, that my teaching career was started with being an assistant infant/toddler teacher and this experience was an eye-opening experience for me. Unfortunately, I do not have my personal pictures to share with you but thank goodness for some beautiful blogs on Montessori infant/toddler training and Google that I can share my experience with the help of these pictures.

When I say eye-opening experience, it means that I had never seen a 6 month old drinking milk from a glass before, in fact, I never knew that it was physically possibly to carry a glass with those tiny little hands ! Yes, I witnessed it because I helped the child do it. Of course, we had everything to the size of all the infants, for example, little chairs, tables, utensils.

I think, it is the process you go through when you are living with your child and know your child. It was like, I was growing and learning with this particular child, we were like best friends. No matter if the child was just 6 months old, we were communicating with each other, there was a connection and that's what, I think, every child wants ! For me lesson learned - start early !

While I googled for an image of a child drinking milk, I found this image and this little girl looks exactly the little one I helped then. Image courtesy- Montessori ici

So, this experience opened my mind and made me realize that no child is too little to do anything. Thank goodness for the Montessori infant/toddler curriculum that they have it written, to start early with a child of 6 months old and above, with sitting on their cute chairs, stop drinking milk using their bottles and eat their food on the table. Well, it is a process, you have to believe in that this is possible.

I am emphasizing on the process because most of us expect results or look for results. This thing comes in our mind, say, "Hey, this happened with her child why not with my child!" We have to follow the child and we go through a phase or a time and that is also called a process. We are all growing and for every growth we need a motive/goal/dream/something to learn. I have friends and know some parents who have real hard time transitioning their children from bottle to the glass. In the end, they leave up to the school teacher to do that hard effort !!

I strongly suggest parents to try practising at home the same process too, by using infant size utensils and furniture, role modeling by giving examples of your self because they see you drinking milk from the glass. By the time, the child is 8 months old, s/he will be having fun being an independent and a happy being.

Start early !


Haripriya said...

Very true:) I am a teacher too and this has been my experience with children as well. They surprise us with their abilities when we least expect it :)


insidethechild said...

I am so happy that you could see this and experience it with children around you, Haripriya ! Gradually, you will help some children and parents to see this fact. It is sad how some parents( not all ) sometimes underestimate their children ! Goodluck !

Haripriya said...

You're right Divya... Let's hope to make a difference in as many children's lives as possible :) Good luck to you too!

insidethechild said...

Thank you Haripriya ! We are on it !